XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio and MP3 Player (XMp3i),EI_dtwf_v_vAM

16 Dec 2014

XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio and MP3 Player (XMp3i) XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio and MP3 Player (XMp3i) (Electronics) Anybody who is reading these reviews for the purpose of buying this product should be aware that a portable satellite radio is not based on the same technology as a Walkman-type radio sold back in 1980s. Satellite radios work by line-of-sight, which requires an unobstructed path between the receiver and its signal source. When properly installed and used, the XMp3i works great for recording and listening to live XM/Sirius broadcasts. However, you must ensure the unit is receiving a strong signal to make it work. If you plan on using it mostly in an automobile (with a live signal), that means purchasing an additional car cradle/antenna. If you wish to use it mostly indoors, you’ll need to install the included home dock/antenna properly.I’ve had a good experience with the Xmp3i so far. In fact, I was able to listen to live XM/Sirius radio while biking over the weekend with very little interruption. I also used the home dock to record some of my favorite shows for playback later. I believe it is the ability to record programming which is this unit’s strong suit. You can record up to five channels at the same time, so getting vast amounts of music/talk on to the device in a timely fashion is easy; provided you have correctly installed the home dock. The playback is flawless and is much more convenient than listening live since you can skip songs, commercials, etc.The interface seems a little sluggish at times and is not the most intuitive, but it works. Thanks to the microSD slot, you can load up your MP3 library and play your own tunes as well. I was impressed by the overall sound quality from both the satellite feeds and my MP3 files.The Xmp3i is best-suited for users who will pre-record their music/shows to bring along in the car for playback. It also works well as a standalone device for plugging into your home stereo system. Do not buy this if you want to listen to live XM/Sirius broadcasts when you take the subway to work, or while you’re hanging out in mom’s basement waiting for some laundry to dry. Though it has a built-in antenna for live reception, the manufacturer clearly intended that to be used in outdoor-only situations.

Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Device for Security of Car, Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Device for Security of Car, Pickup Truck, Minivan, SUV, Crossover - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Steering Column Kit for Auto Theft Deterrent and Prevention - Theft Guard Bar Stops Would Be Car Thieves in Their Tracks The Theft Guard steering wheel lock has given me a better piece of mind. I live in the city and have had my car stolen even with an alarm, eventually my car was found. However, I felt so violated and can not afford to relocate to a safer area, but until then I will be using this trusty device because it has proven to be reliable in the past. I feel confident that I will deter a thief because of the extra steps that they would have to take to steal my car. Thank you for giving me a sense of security.

Firestik SS-174 Stainless Steel Hood/Trunk Channel Mount Firestik SS-174 Stainless Steel Hood/Trunk Channel Mount (Electronics) Great quality material (stainless steel). The channel mount didn’t work flawlessly with my Jeep XJ. I had to slightly bend the bracket to allow for connection of my coax. I realize that this bracket is not vehicle specific, so I wasn’t bothered by that. Since install, I did go off road with it attached and it held up like a champ. I would also suggest a spring mount for your antenna if this hood mount is going on an ORV. Otherwise, damage is likely to follow on the first low hanging branch.

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